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Vittorio Ferretti This third edition extends the previous by about 9,000 terms in both languages.Considering the growing interlacement with Infor- mation Technology, the coverage of the dictionary has been extended to the field of the Media.Some areas (Printing&Publishing, Sound&TV Broadcasting, Con- sumer Electronics) were exhaustively covered already in the previous editions; basically they have now been complemented by the terminology of the cinematog- raphy.In the area of Information Technology especially the terminology of the two most expanding field has been updated, of Internet and Mobile Communica- tions.Der Benutzer wird komfortabel durch das Wörterbuch geführt ...« (Elektronik-Industrie) » . So Utein diesem Werk direkt oderindirekt auf Gesetze, V orschriften oder Richtlinien (z. DIN, VDI, VDE) Bezug genommen oder aus ihnen zitiert worden sein, so kann der Verlag keine Gewähr für Richtigkeit, Vollständigkeit oder Aktualität übernehmen.

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My son Victor Andres has brilliantly styled the typesetting also of this edition. Lehnert of the Springer Verlag for their valuable editorial assis- tance. A main entry is made of: the main term and its translation, a subject field code and a comprehensive listing of all synonyms of both languages. Die für grammatische Angaben ange- wandten Abkürzungen werden im Anhang Alphabeti- sche Liste der Abkürzungen erklärt.Einer vielfach erhaltenen Anregung zufolge, habe ich alle eingliedrigen deutschen Hauptwörter mit der Genusangabe versehen, was in der Tat — vor allem bei Anglizismen — selbst für deutsche Muttersprachler eine knifflige Angelegenheit sein kann.

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The YMCA was very influential during the 1870s and 1930s, during which times they most successfully promoted "evangelical Christianity in weekday and Sunday services, while promoting good sportsmanship in athletic contests in gyms (where basketball and volleyball were invented) and swimming pools." Later in this period, and continuing on through the 20th century, the YMCA had "become interdenominational and more concerned with promoting morality and good citizenship than a distinctive interpretation of Christianity." In 1878, World Alliance of YMCAs offices were established in Geneva, Switzerland.… continue reading »

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Her spirit helps him heal after a family tragedy, though soon the circumstances that brought them together threaten to tear them apart.… continue reading »

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