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KINPIRA .50 Rich mix of oven-roasted burdock, carrots & ginger in a teriyaki glaze, tossed with hiziki& arame.KIMCHEE .50 Homemade, mild style, tangy fermented cabbage with carrot, daikon & jalapeño pepper.Served on choice of mixed grain or spelt bread.– New School Same as old school with added avocado, marinated kale & house made hot sauce.TEMPEH REUBEN SANDWICH Our version of this classic features baked marinated tempeh, seasoned with caraway & cumin, tofu Russian dressing, sauerkraut & lettuce. LUNCH DEALHalf a Marinated Tofu or Tempeh Reuben sandwich, with a simple salad or a cup of soup, & a choice of kukicha, mu 16 or green tea.3 items | 4 items .50 | 5 items Garlic Lemon Marinated Kale Ruby Kraut Pickled Vegetables Walnut-Lentil Pâté Norimaki Guacamole Today's Special Vegetable Kimchee Baked Marinated Tofu Baked Marinated Tempeh Live Curried Cashew Spread Kinpira Hummus ( Refer to the Special Today page for gluten free ingredient information about our soup of the day and special salad.Our Norimaki and one of our two Daily Special entrées is always a gluten free ingredient menu item..50DRAGON BOWLRice, beans, tofu, sea vegetables & steamed vegetables; served with your choice of dressing.DRAGON BARGAINA Dragon Bowl served with cup of soup and bread with spread. WEE DRAGON BARGAINA half Dragon served with cup of soup and bread with spread.

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GUACAMOLE .00Traditional, with a hint of jalapeño heat. Avocado Toast .50Multi grain or spelt bread with mashed avocado KOMBU VEGETABLE BOUILLON .25A warm invigorating cup of broth, rich in minerals, delicately seasoned with ginger, sage & thyme.

AVOCADO & KIMCHEEMélange of seasonal greens & watercress tossed with homemade kimchee, nori strips, & extra virgin olive oil; topped with avocado & radish slices.

MARINATED TOFU SANDWICHES– Old School Lemon herbed baked tofu layered with roasted vegetables, a smear of parsley-almond pesto & lettuce.

AVOCADO .50one half SPECIAL WARM APPETIZER PEOPLE' S POLENTA .00Rounds of polenta studded with diced vegetable confetti baked with a parsley-almond pesto center; topped with chile de arbol – guajillo chili tofu cream, garnished with avocado and piquant marinated kale.

DAILY SEASONAL SPECIALS*Descriptions of today's selections listed on Daily Specials page.à la carte .00 | With a choice of two basics or a cup of soup THAI COCONUT--LEMONGRASS CURRYDelicate, aromatic sauce enveloping a daily variety of grilled and roasted vegetables.Plated alongside spears of garlic herb roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and fire roasted red pepper aioli; lettuce, tomato, sliced purple onion, dill pickles and the veg of the day!

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