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That is what the Antwerp Kempen cycle node network offers you.2000 kilometers of carefully selected cycle paths, showing you the most beautiful corners of the region.There are also signs indicating the way to the centre of villages or major tourist attractions, and signs that show when you’re approaching a node.Cycling in the Antwerpse Kempen means you get to pedal in a scenery of forests, meadows and canals, along beautiful sroutes which are safel, level, wind-sheltered and perfectly singposted.It also has 20 smooth-shifting gears so you can go fast easily. So once you’ve set your budget, the main question is wheel size.

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Obviously it’s much less portable for carrying but it’s faster when you’re riding it.The ‘nodes’ (‘knooppunten’) are the points where these cycling paths intersect. You can use these nodes to map out a cycling itinerary.