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31-Dec-2017 19:39

Its currently being used as a toddler bed for the youngest.

I have absolutely no regrets about buying an 'expensive' brand and have not had any trouble at all buying sheets to fit the mattress.

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I'm going to sound like a Boori snob - we bought the Matilda cradle, a 4 in1 cot (cot that coverts to a double bed, lounge and something else) plus we have the bed bedside, toy box & big chest of draws, of forgot we have the change table too. The sheets from Adairs fit nicely I just love the Sleigh but that would really be stretching the budget unfortunately!Mothercare currently have a great deal for cot, change table and draws for 55. Mine's secondy-fifth hand, and the only thing I'd say is that you need to be careful with the cot sheets. We have one, but got it off Ebay so cheaper than brand new (can't remember how much cheaper).Boori cots are REALLY big and not all cot sheets will fit, which can be a massive PITA. I am really happy with it and would recommend the brand to anyone, but then have never had any other cots so I am don't really have anything to compare it to!eta: As per Badger Basher's post, the size is different to "standard" cots, but I have sheets from Target, Living Textiles and Playgro and they all fit the Boori size.

You should still keep the size difference in mind though if you think that's an issue for you. I bought a Boori 7 years ago for my 1st born....has now had 3 boys through it (and mind you, the 2 last boys are really rough! It might have a few bite marks in it but it has held up through my kids and I will probably still be able to get a few hundred dollars for it on ebay when I'm done with it!I am selling my white Boori Country Cot ( 2 height levels) that converts into a toddler bed with matching 3 teir change table. They also are being sold with the Boori Latex airflow Mattress & as new change table mat....