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06-Dec-2017 18:25

Downey Jr won a Golden Globe for his performance and even received a standing ovation from the audience when he picked up the trophy.

Alas, the character was abruptly written out of the series following Downey Jr's two drug arrests in 20, with the original planned ending for season 4 – Ally's wedding to Larry – being scrapped as a result. Smart, stylish Anna was originally only supposed to appear in one episode of the sun-soaked noughties teen drama, but proved so popular with fans that she was brought back for several more appearances across the first season.

But after just three appearances, Abaddon disappeared and wouldn't be seen again until season five's 'The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham', in which he was promptly killed off.

Po ich śmierci, żył u wujostwa, a następnie został wysłany do internatu prowadzonego przez Eileen.

The actor himself, though, insists he was never contacted about the possibility: "If they had called, I would have probably accepted because it was a great experience, and I think Joss is very original and talented," he said in 2004.

The laid-back, likeable Trip joined the SHIELD squad at the close of the first season, more or less as a replacement for scheming turncoat Grant Ward (Brett Dalton).

only to be killed in action in the midseason finale, 'What They Become' – reduced to dust by the power of the deadly alien artefact known as The Diviner.

Some of our favourite TV shows feature (or featured) not just a colourful and captivating cast of regulars, but also a handful of intriguing supporting characters we wish had been given more time to shine.

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(The statistics in this area are little better than guesswork, given that few would confess to engaging in the practice in a self-reporting survey, but the figures for men are thought to be many times greater.)In 2001, research based on 240 interviews with women on the beaches of Negril and two similar resorts in the Dominican Republic suggested that almost a third had engaged in sexual relationships with local men in the course of their holiday.… continue reading »

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