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20-Jul-2017 19:01

That didn't stop other early developers from trying.

Third Voice, founded by a group of Singaporean engineers in 1998, raised more than million in its first year, and saw itself as a tool to "empower users" and make the web "more meaningful." It didn't quite work out that way.

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Clark's office called the new button "a step in the right direction." Finnegan says the service is "very tightly moderated" and that she and a deputy "read every single annotation that comes in through the Web Annotator."'s Cillizza acknowledges that internet commentary can "go over the line," and that annotation services must hire moderators "with a keen sense of their community and what flies there (and doesn’t)." He also sees annotation as a better option than traditional web comments.

The service, which started in 2009 as Rap Genius, a website that allowed rap music fans to annotate lyrics, expanded into news annotation with News Genius in 2013, and now provides a browser extension that lets anyone add comments to any web site.