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Backing tracks in MP3 format can be purchased for all our musical plays so you can make your own backing CD. CLARISSA: Each girl in the Upper Third shall give half of their weekly tuck ration to Kate. We don't have time to make polite conversation with these slimy toads. GIRLS BUSY THEMSELVES WITH TIDYING THEIR BEDS AND CUPBOARDS.

Please note: these are not demonstration tracks and do not contain the vocal line. KATE: (Grabbing Trixie by the ear and making her stand) I want to hear it from her. KATE TWISTS TRIXIE'S EAR AND SHE CRIES OUT IN PAIN. Any girl who refuses shall pay a fine of an ounce of hair, torn out by the roots! TRIXIE GETS UP AND IS ABOUT TO SPEAK WHEN DAISY CLAMPS HER HAND OVER HER MOUTH AND PULLS HER DOWN. MAISIE IDLY PLAYS WITH A SKIPPING ROPE, TWISTING IT AROUND HER FINGERS.

All we ask is that you do not pass your arrangements on to any third party and that you only use them for your production.

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This will reset windows updates and get all the windows update files registered.

» More Info » Download Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 - 32-Bit - Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the 32-Bit versions.