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16-Dec-2017 22:09

Which reveals something about farting and dating that might not be that surprising: expectations about who can fart are still highly gendered.It seems that " from the journal Social Problems polled 172 college students and found that more than 55% of straight women and non-straight men were uncomfortable farting in front of people, feeling it made them less attractive and didn't conform to their gender ideals.On the other hand, some farting mavericks out there embraced their humanity — about 10% of respondents said they fart in front of their significant other as soon as they needed to fart.In the words of Anya*, 28: "No man is worth gastrointestinal discomfort."Let's face it: Most people play the butt tuba in their sleep.

Here are nine things a woman says every time she farts in front of you, and consequently, nine reasons you should try and date her: She knows women should never feel ashamed or wrongfully pressured by society for perfectly natural things.She's a natural woman, and there is nothing more beautiful on Earth. Things like pasta, cheese and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are notorious for this.I sure as hell won't stop eating these delicious foods because they make me a little more gassy, and I would never expect her to do so either."Bums can fart, but bums can't talk," my very wise 3-year-old nephew once said.

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Although I think his quotation is the stuff of utter brilliance, I don't know if I completely agree.When these two things can be shared, a stronger and healthier connection can exist. Anyone who doesn’t like it can float away like a cloud of gas.

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