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08-Dec-2017 13:54

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Where were these ‘public’ servants when that happened?

Battistelli, as noted in this article from today, further shields his nepotist succession plan so that his mates will continue to control the EPO long after he’s gone.

The extension of the pilot, which allows applicants who have been successful in obtaining a patent at one office to request accelerated examination at the other, was announced on Friday, January 5.

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In any event, one cannot reasonably expect that a hasty training will allow building up the necessary level of expertise in all the small teams.” They don’t care about expertise; as we pointed out in several articles last night, Battistelli and his cabal just want patents issued as fast as possible and with miminal scrutiny/challenge. In other words, it is becoming the very LITTLE birdie whispered in our ears, noting that the documents above have been made public.Also, based on this new article (just promoted by SUEPO), Ciaran Mc Ginley's departure predates or precedes some profoundly inane organisational chaos.Mc Ginley himself used to be in staff representation albeit people we heard from generally regarded him to be somewhat of a “sellout” (to top-level management).It was the “big story” of the last session, where half the decisions concerned the EPO and several were about Judge Corcoran.

Based on the above tweets, which someone told us about, some former EPO staff representatives are going to have their cases heard and decided on.He has lost any sense of shame and he now lies so blatantly that we can imagine the faces of EPO workers who read this ‘blog’ post of his (warning: link). Probably not because a few months ago he help defend the same lies about patent quality (in a private event that was publicly reported on). His lips utter words, which leave an odorous puddle of lies afoot.