Is jon really dating a girl

25-Sep-2017 20:00

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These two are doomed to fail from the start: Jon was supposed to execute Ygritte, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

(He’s easy on the eyes, too, so that doesn’t hurt.) Daario pledged his sword and his life to Dany, and he clearly loves her for who she is as a person.Her favorite taunt, of course, was the famous line, “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” but when the Crow and wildling finally took their relationship to the next level in that aforementioned cave, Jon proved to Ygritte that he does, in fact, know a thing or two.Alas, the problem that was evident at the start of their relationship ultimately plagued them until the bitter end: Both are fiercely loyal to their tribes.“We like to keep our lives private because we’ve seen what relationships in the public eye can be like and we just like our privacy,” she said.

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“We don’t want the commentary from the masses about what our relationship is or should be.He isn’t interested in a crown, and he stands by Dany even as she enters into a political marriage to keep the peace in Meereen.