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) What follows, in text and video, are edited excerpts from my discussion with the man the Harvard Business Review called "The Best-Performing CEO in the World." Henry Blodget: Let’s jump right in. You may remember something called Auctions that didn’t work out very well. Then we launched Marketplace, which became our third-party seller business, which now represents 40% of units sold on Amazon. If you look at our device portfolio broadly, our hardware team is doing a great job. The Kindle Voyage, the new premium product, is just completely killer. Again, one of my jobs is to encourage people to be bold. Experiments are, by their very nature, prone to failure. You talked about what a lot of CEOs do in terms of trying to drive that stock price, selling the stock. HB: If there was no negotiation, and you could dictate to everybody exactly what the terms were going to be, what would the future be for authors? If you narrow your field of view and only think about books competing against books, you make really bad decisions. If you realize that you’re really competing against Candy Crush and everything else, then you start to say, “Gosh, maybe we should really work on reducing friction on long-form reading." That’s what Kindle has been about from the very beginning. I do the dishes every night, and I can see that actually makes her like me. HB: Your wife reacted to the book with a long defense on Amazon as a comment — incredibly well written — and in it she said, “This is not my husband.” Who is right? JB: You don’t think I’m going to sit up here on stage and tell you my wife is wrong.

Fire TV, Fire TV Stick — we’re having trouble building enough. So there’s a lot of activity going on in our device business. A few big successes compensate for dozens and dozens of things that didn’t work. You told me something when we we’re outside that is extraordinary, which is that you spend six hours a year on investor relations.there. We meet with investors who have low portfolio turnover. JB: Yeah, there is a succession plan for me, and for all of our senior executives. JB: The most important thing to observe is that books don’t just compete against books. What we really have to do, if we want a healthy culture of long-form reading, is to make books more accessible. In the internet era, almost all of the tools for reading have been reducing the friction of short-form reading.

The fiercely competitive software giant is positioning its wares for cloud computing with software and services.

The company's two cash cows - operating systems and the Office productivity suite - are performing well.

(Even Amazon's biggest investors, I learned, get only six hours of his time per year! We’ve had a lot of things we’ve had to iterate on at Amazon. Jeff: I think it takes more time to analyze something like that. JB: My view is that in this incident and actually in our entire history, I think we have been treated extraordinarily well by the press and the media — certainly by customers. I think we have been treated way above average over time and and I’m grateful for that. If I'm only competing against other books, then you don’t get there. Maybe someday I’ll write that book and make sure that those people get their credit.

Whereas companies that are making bets all along, even big bets, but not bet-the-company bets, prevail. We all have a limited amount of time, and where you spend it and how you spend it is just an incredibly levered way to think about the world. We’re making books easier to get, more affordable, more accessible. The Kindle team is very dedicated to it, and they’re doing a great job. The Kindle team deserves a significant amount of credit for that, because they were early, they got ahead of it.

Anyway, my opinion is that I can do some things at Amazon that would be hard for other people to do, only because of my history with the company. There’s been very little piracy in e-books, unlike other digital media.

And Redmond has turned on the afterburners in the past year, releasing a string of quality business-focused apps. Being a Mac user doesn't mean that you have to turn your back completely on the Windows ecosystem.

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There are a number of ways that you can run your favorite Windows applications on your Mac - and some won't cost you a penny.A culture of high standards of operational excellence, of inventiveness, of willingness to fail, willingness to make bold experiments. Making reading more affordable is going to make authors more money.

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