Judge alex kozinski dating game

26-Oct-2017 19:52

''But when people get scared, they value security more and freedom less.

They are willing to give up some freedom for more security.

''We don’t really have cameras on street corners, as they do in England.

I don’t think there’s anything in the Constitution that would prohibit that, but I think the people in the United States find that kind of thing creepy.'' Finding the balance between what is allowed by our Constitution and what is not is part of the puzzle that Kozinski so enjoys trying to solve.

Citing the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Kozinski says, ''If it [terrorism] becomes a more constant threat, we’re going to see some real challenges to our perceptions of an open society and our civil liberties.

We have a very open society, and government does not go nearly as far as it could in restricting personal freedoms,'' he says.

Kozinski is known for his larger-than-life personality—in and out the courtroom—and for his plain-language legal opinions.

He has published many essays, articles, and reviews in numerous publications, such as , in which the conviction of an illegal alien was upheld.

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You just open the courthouse doors in the morning, and the clients come in.''That is quite different from saying that everybody who comes here will succeed very well, or even that people who were born here will succeed as well as they would like to.

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