Marriage and dating customs in china

17-Aug-2017 01:53

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Researcher Amy Forbes said their study participants reported that Chinese spouses would often push their partners to achieve more."The women were also instrumental in creating change in their husbands in terms of being more entrepreneurial," Dr Forbes said.Mr Burke said he did not think the evolution of the dumpling cart was a cultural thing, but said it is typical of his wife's nature."She is a workaholic, she has always got to keep busy," he said.Marriage is an important point in one’s life and a symbol of coming into the next page of one’s life: forming a nuclear family and leading an independent life.Different nations form different marriage customs under different cultural background.Though comparison between different marriage customs, different customs could be learned about and different cultural backgrounds could be further displayed.

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Dr Li said as more people turn to the internet to find love, intercultural relationships are likely to continue to grow."Because of the trade and economic exchange between Australia and China, I think in the future there will be more intercultural marriages between the two countries," she said.

It becomes particularly important for Chinese people to learn more about western countries’ culture in their communication.