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05-Sep-2017 09:43

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She is comfortable in her own skin and will gladly show off what she loves, including you. She has a wild side that will always keep you on your toes. Tattoos are sometimes seen as taboo, but that doesn’t stop her. If she can commit to something as permanent as a tattoo, she won’t be afraid to commit to you.

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Not only does she know what she likes, but she’s super passionate about it. Odds are, somebody isn’t going to like her tattoos. She doesn’t let other people’s opinions get her down, so you know there won’t be any outsiders interfering with your relationship. She knows that sometimes a little pain is worth it.

According to this new study, that experience might be a steep learning curve.

A cohort of men out there with tattoos think women are attracted to them partly because of their ink, as it projects a masculine air.

Researchers Andrzej Galbarczyk and Anna Ziomkiewicz began by recruiting 2,584 straight Polish men and women.

Each participant was made to view images of men shirtless.

Sometimes the photos were modified by adding a small tattoo on the arm.

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