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Danish brilliant pre-teen student Nis uses his summer holiday to learn Latin so he can properly study the Knights Templar inheritance on Bjornholm island from sources. With 3 friends she sails from Bornholm, Denmark, to Gotland, Sweden, to free her dad and perhaps even find the treasure.Uncle Erik is supposed to take the children on a vacation to Egypt, but he becomes sick.Ifølge legenden overlevede Apostelen Paulus på mirakuløs vis et skibbrud ud for Maltas kyst. Han konverterede øens beboere til kristne og i taknemmelighed overrakte de ham et symbol på hans indsats - en kostbar Slangekrone.Næsten 2000 år senere skal den danske stormester for tempelridderne, Christian, levere kronen tilbage til Den Maltesiske Ridderorden.He really feels up to it, since he is now going to... girl's dad is kidnapped by men, who are interested in the Knights Templar treasure.With 3 friends she sails from Bornholm, Denmark, to Gotland, Sweden, to free her dad and perhaps even find the treasure.Tinke is more than that." 14-year-old Lulu moves to a small provincial town with her mother and younger brother.

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For snart er de forfulgt af både hætteklædte mørkemænd og farlige skurke...See more » No One Does It Better Composed by Jakob Illeborg / Rune Funch / Kristoffer Sonne / Nikolaj Torp / Anders Christensen Performed by Warwick Avenue Columbia Records - SONY / BMG, Omega Records See more » Tempelriddernes skat is a really good movie, i like i because is tell a good story which has base in myth and facts. And all trough it's a adventure it also have a bit of fun.Tempelriddernes skat is about tree friends, Katrine, Nis and Matias which becomes very interesting in an old stories and myth, when they have conformed some true in the myth, the go home to Nis, and made plans, but Nis little sister hears to much and want's to be in, so they decide that they all will be going out in dangerous adventure to search for a very old treasure which has been described in the myth. At the Cinekid Awards in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this movie won the first price in the category Audience Award: But also the first price in the Jury's category went to Denmark, namely for We Shall Overcome (2006) See more » In the opening of the movie Katrine and her father arrive in Allinge Habour, Bornholm.

In the background across the water, land is visible, which means it cannot be Allinge - Sweden is simply too far from Allinge to be visible from here.

See full summary » Erik Lund is a professor in child psychology.

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