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10-Aug-2017 19:12

Because 192searches more records than any other site, you are much more likely to find the person you're looking for.

The site offers much broader coverage of the UK population than any other site because it searches Electoral Rolls as well as Directory Enquiries and Director reports.

This offers almost three times the coverage of searching the phonebook alone!

192gives you a complete profile of any person you find on the site.

Encouragingly, this year's edited Electoral Roll has seen the first decrease in the opt-out rate, since it was introduced.

The drop, from 46% in 2010 to 45% in 2011, should see more records being available.

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If you have changed your residence to another constituency, then apply for deletion in form Number 7, in constituency of old residence and apply for inclusion in form 6 at new residence.Use our Online Voters list search Facility Verify whether your name is there in electoral roll.If No apply in form number 6 for inclusion of your name to ERO of your constituency.Rolling Register updates account for approximately 250,000 amendments each month.

Noting the importance of ensuring that its customers have the latest data made available to them, Owen Roberts, head of PR at Tracesmart, commented: "Our aim is to help people reunite with their families and reconnect with friends that they've lost contact with.

Every voter should verify his entry in electoral roll and make appropriated application to ERO concerned.

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