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Professor Sarkar’s pro- gramme is certeiinly an ambitious one, but he is fully qualified to carry it out, and there can be no doubt that it will be found to be a healthy and stimulating force in the Indian educational world of today, especially with the correction and expansion it m^ust receive in the light of practice and experience.’’ From 1906 when Prof. China Sabhyatar ’A , A, Ka, Kha, “The A, B, C, of Chinese Civilization” (1923, 250 pag^). Parivar, Gosthi O Rostra, “Family, Gens and and State,’* translation from Engels’s Erdste- hung der Familie, des Eigentums und des Staates (1926, 250 pages). Hindu Rastrer Gadan, “The Morphology of the Hindu State’’ (1926, 382 pages), published by the National Council of Education, Bengal. Dhana-Daulater Rupdntar, “The Transforma- tions of Wealth,” translation from Lafargue’s L’Evolution de la Propriete (1927, 250 pages). Swadeshi Andolan O Samrakshan-Niti, “The Swadeshi Movement and Protectionism,” trans- lation from the historical section of List’s Das nationale System der politischen Oekqnomie (1932, 250 pages). Sarkar was in Japan he made a resume of some of his most fundamental ideas in regard to world-culture. Humanity is fundamentally one, — in psycho- logy, logic, ethics, aesthetics and metaphysics, — (i) in spite of physical and physiognomic varieties, and (ii) in spite of age-long historic prejudices. There are no race-types or race-geniuses, — no Oriental or Occidental ideals of existence, — ^no national characteristics (e.g. The same personality, the same character, the same idiosyncrasy, the same genius, and the same ‘gift’ are. The Public Fmance of Hindu Empires {Annah of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Philadelphia, September, 1921). He is a member likewise of the Indian Economic Association and an honorary member of the Bengal National Chamber of Commerce. The rise and fall of the French legists as well as of the bourgeoisie and the royal aristocracies in Russia, Germany and Austria, nay, the elevation of the Russian communists after 1918 to the place occupied by the Czeurist aristocracy, all embody the principles under- lying the growth of what may be called the Hindu Brahmanocracy (p. While establishing his thesis that there has scarcely been any society whose strata are absolutely closed Soro- kin brings into bold relief the facts of vertical social mobility even in the caste society of the Hindus.Sarkar made his debut as a writer (Amrita Bazar Patrika, Calcutta, July 31 , August 1) down to the publication of these two series his mental out- look was essentially practical and fundamentally modem. These were enunciated as the Postu- lates of Young India. Hindu, Saracen, Chinese, Germfem, English, Greek, Egyptian etc.) — (i) in spite of local, geo- graphical and linguistic modifications, and (ii) inspite of the so-called ‘social minds’ or group-units brought about PUBLISHERS’ PREFACE 15 by the conditions of political homogeneity. found to exist in indivi- duals who live as the poles asunder, and do not necessari- ly exist as a mark of Ssprit de corps eiimong a group of men and women inhabiting a common area of the eeirth’s surface. Human life is never governed by religion which is everywhere a brilliant superstition consisting in the vain effort to understand the nature of God, but by the desire and power to live and flourish by responding to the thousand and one stimuli of the universe and utilizing the innumerable, world-forces (vi Swa-sakti). {i Jeutiche Allgemeine Zeitung, Berlin, August, 1923) . Die Industrialisierung Indiens (Mitteilungen Vereins Deutscher Ingenieure, Berlin, November, 1924) . Biicherbesprechung (W e Uwirtschaftliches Ar- chie, Jena, January, .1925). Paesaggio atesina (Rivista del V Alto Adige, Bolzano, April, 1925). These papers are based in the main on the Professor's lectures at the State Universities of California (1916) and Iowa (1916), Columbia (New York 1917) and . 1917) Universities, the University of Pittsburg (1918), Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio, 1918), Amherst College (Mass, 1918), the Rand School of Social Science (New York, 1919), the University Forum of America (1919), the College of the City of New York (1920), the New York University (1920), and other American academic and learned societies between 19. In 1933 he was the President of the Folk Section, and in 1934 of the Exonomics Section, of the Taltala Literary Conference, Calcutta. He quotes Manu and Gautama to demonstrate that not only did the Brahmai^as fall but that the outcastes also rose.He is also engaged in compiling a graduated series of text-books on these subjects according to his method of teaching.” In the N. Adityaram Bhattacharya of Allaha- bad University as an “effort to facilitate and popularize the study of Sanskrit.” Prof. He does not merely copy news but has his own original contributions to make, and he can take in the whole situation at a glance, and deli- ver himself boldly as to the conclusions to be drawn from it. / India’s Affinities with Eur-America in Sorokin’s Analysis We may commence even with Sorokin himself.Bhattacharya said further : “The old method has done its part so long and will re- main inevitable in the case of higher and thorough study. As against the romantic Mazziniem cult of the nation with the unity of laguage, race and culture Prof. 74 From the Andhras and Kusans to the Senas and Chola8(c. In his sociological investigations Indian facts and ideas occupy a prominent place.These scholars were ex- pected on their return to India to function, first, as educa- tional workers, and secondly, as industrial pioneers, along the lines indicated in Professor Sarkttr’s books. The **‘ Maldaha” Samiti (“Malda in Calcutta’’ Society) was established by Prof. It seeks to promote social inter- course among the people of Malda residing in Calcutta as well as to organize the discussion of topics relating to the general welfare of the people of Malda. Similar situa- tions, says he, “we find in some periods of the European societies also.” He quotes the decree of Richard II in England to the effect that “no bondman or bond- woman shall place their children at school, as has been done, so as to advance their children in the world” (pp. Among dther channels of vertical circulation he mentions the religious organizations of Buddhism and Hinduism as similar to those of the Christian Church, Mohammedanism and Confucianism in their role as social ladders or elevators (pp. In the field of successful money-making as social ladder, also, India 32 HINDU POSITIVISM has been cited for illustrations like other countries (pp. According to Sorokin all the mechanisms — the “sieves” — by which individuals are socially “tested”, “selected” and “distributed” among different social strata are to be found in the Indian social organization.These two series of works in Bengali and English as well as the teaching of modern history and political science at Calcutta and cultural activities in the villages of Bengal associated with the District Council of National Education, Malda, constituted the intellectual emd social atmosphere in the midst of which the English translation of Sukrariiti was undertaken by Professor Sarkar in 1910. Steps to a University {Siksa-Sopan), A Course of Intellectual Culture adapted to the Requirements of Bengal (Calcutta, 1912, 53 pages). The Pedagogy of the Hindus (Calcutta, 1912, 51 pages). Introduction to the Science of Education (London, Longmans Green & Co., 1913, 173 pages), translated from Prof. Since 1 926 Professor Sarkaur has been connected with the Calcutta University in the Post-Graduate Departments of Economics and Commerce. We find that India does not {present a peculiar case.

The place of the two series of books by Professor Sarkar in the cultural life of the country was described by PUBLISHERS’ PREFACE 7 Dr. Professor of Philr jolophy, Calcutta University, in the following words : “Professor Benoy Kumar Sarkar’s scheme of educational works is based on sound and advanced ideas of educa- tional science and as such is well calculated to impart a valuable stimulus to the diffusion of culture in the coimtry. Through God’s grace you may be placed on your own path. The Varttaman Jagat Series of Professor Sarkeir is described below with the dates of the first publication as books: 1. The twelve volurnes of Varttaman Jagat cover nearly 4,500 pages. At the International Congress of Population, Berlin, 1935, he was one of the Vice-Presidents. Among the occupational groups of the contemporary societies also he finds “if not a juridical, at least a factual stratification” (pp. The rise and fall of groups as distinguished from the rise and fall of individuals is a form of social mobility in the vertical line.

3, Bhdsd Siksa, "The Study of Langu- age" (1910, 150 pages). Sanskrita-Siksd, "Lessons on Sanskrit", in four iarts (1911, 600 pages). /ngraji Siksd, "Lessons on English" (191 1, 120 pages). 18) says as follows : “During the last two years he had been carrying on experiments both in eind out of school so as to ascer- tain the best method to be pursued in teaching the veurious subjects at the different stages of development. 20) we read as fol- lows : “Professor Benoy Kumar Sarkar’s Pedagogic Series in Bengali, of which 10 peirts were published last year, has been progressing, and the following parts are in pre- paration : 1 . Schools for petty merchants (in combination with the schools for artisans), cis in 11. * * * In the study presented at Rome the Professor has exhibited the same qualities of perspicuity and preci- sion which attracted his audience at Pciris. Nor is he possessed by the doctrine of “chosen races”, but gives every race its due.

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